List of banks in Galkot including financial organisations

Banks in Galkot range from the branches of A-class banks to small scale home-based cooperatives. Different banks and financial organisations are providing a range of banking and financial services to the people of Galkot, Baglung. Nepal Bank Limited in Harichaur was the first bank to start its operation in Galkot. However, during the Maoist insurgency … Read more

logo of galkot municipality baglung

Galkot Municipality, Baglung

Galkot Municipality is the only municipal council in Galkot. It has eleven (11) sub wards under its administration. Total Wards 11 Mayor Bharat Sharma Sub-Mayor Renuka Kaucha Office address near Sambuddha School, Harichaur 33300, Nepal Website Phone +977-068412111 Email [email protected] Location map of Galkot Municipality Office

List of news and media active in Galkot

With technology advancing rapidly, Galkot has seen different media companies and online portals being active recently. There was a time when there were no dedicated media agencies, news portals, tv, radio service here. But since the last decade situation has changed. Now more than dozens different local and regional media and news portals are actively … Read more

galkot fm

Community Radio Galkot FM

Galkot FM is the one and only radio broadcast service in operation in Galkot. Even though one can tune in to various stations like Radio Tamghas, Radio Burtibang, Baglung FM, Sayapatri FM broadcasted from Baglung and other neighbouring places like Burtibang, Baglung and Gulmi, it is the sole audio media house dedicated for Galkot. It … Read more

About Galkot

Galkot is home to thousands of diversified culturally rich people, a destination for many and core attraction in Baglung, Nepal. Located in Baglung district, Galkot is also known as “golkot” was one of the 22/24 states before Prithvi Narayan Shah unified Nepal into one kingdom. Mallas were the king and used to rule across the … Read more