List of news and media active in Galkot

With technology advancing rapidly, Galkot has seen different media companies and online portals being active recently.

There was a time when there were no dedicated media agencies, news portals, tv, radio service here. But since the last decade situation has changed.

Now more than dozens different local and regional media and news portals are actively publishing contents, news and articles about Galkot.

Such Galkot’s news sites have been able to quench the thirst of the people residing in foreign countries to get updates about their hometown.

No doubt, these media have been playing a vital role in awaring the locals, disseminating the important information and relaying the world’s updates to every nook and corner of houses in Galkot.

Such news mediums have been grouped according to the platform below:

Online news websites in Galkot

Dhorpatan News
Galkot FM Online
Galkot Khabar
Galkot News

Radio broadcasts

Community Radio Galkot FM 102.4MHZ

Print media in Galkot

Dhorpatan Post Weekly
GalkotPatra Weekly