• New Life Boarding School 

    New Life Boarding School is a leading and old private boarding School in Galkot, Baglung. It offers classes from pre primary level to Higher Secondary Level.
  • Galkot Higher Secondary School  

    Galkot Higher Secondary School is a pioneer government school and campus in Galkot, Baglung. Established in 2005BS, now the institute offers classes from primary to university level. Galkot Multiple Campus is the senior wing of Galkot Multiple Campus.
  • Community Radio Galkot FM 

    Community Radio Galkot FM is the first and only FM radio station in Galkot. It is broadcasted at 102.4 MHZ band. It broadcasts diversed contents on news, local affairs, music, entertainment and more. It is one of the reliable means of news source in Galkot.
  • Galkot English Boarding School 

    Galkot English Boarding School is a private boarding school in Malma, Galkot, Baglung.
  • Galkot Link Private Limited

    Galkot Link Private Limited is the leading Internet Service Provider (ISP) in Galkot, Baglung. It provides wired and wireless service. Its service extends to Baglung, Gulmi, Burtibang, Tarakhola, Ghodabane and more. It has connected to national tier ISP with optical fiber through mid hill highway. The optical fiber is laid...